Mowing & Fertilizer/Weed Program
Mulch Installation
Core Aeration
Mowing & Fertilizer/Weed Program


LAND AID offers mowing, trimming, and edging maintenance service.  We allow the turf grow to its optimum height, which allows for weed control by blocking the sunlight to the soil, reduces soil erosion, cools the surrounding area, and creates a beautiful, dense lawn.  The clippings are mulched and returned to the lawn, providing more nutrients to the turf and reducing the amount of fertilizer needed through the growing season.  A clean, edged line around the driveway and sidewalk is included with mowing service and also adds to the overall look of your lawn.

      If your turf is not showing satisfactory growth, or healthy growth, then supplementing the nutrients in the soil with fertilizer may be necessary.  Research shows that cool season turf grows best with multiple fertilizer applications at lower rates through the active growing season.    


Lawn Fertilization Program 

     Our Premium Lawn Fertilization Program will provide your lawn with the vital nutrients it needs, as well as protection against unsightly weeds.   Our PREMIUM program also includes Grub and Turf Insect control in addition to spot treatments for weeds during each application, as needed.

Application Schedule


Application 1:            Nitrogen for quick post-winter growth with season long crabgrass prevention
Application 2:            Turf strengthening feed with broadleaf weed post-emergence control

Application 3:            Grub and surface insect control
Application 4:            Slow release feeding to keep lawn green and growing into fall
Application 5:            Most important application which provides nutrients for the next growing season


     Unnecessary application of fertilizers has become a major source of concern due to the negative effect they can have on the environment.  That is why we take great care when applying fertilizers and pesticides and always blow off any hard surfaces to prevent fertilizer runoff.

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